Ambulance Reimbursement is In Effect

As a PSA to all our residents, beginning on January 1st of this year Montgomery County has begun to bill for transports on a Montgomery County ambulance. Although Cabin John Park VFD often has volunteer members on its volunteer owned ambulance, billing will still occur. YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED DIRECTLY AND YOU SHOULD NEVER WORRY ABOUT CALLING 911!

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, along with county officials are reminding residents that this is not a direct billing system – you will never have a bill show up in your mailbox because you dialed 911! Ambulance reimbursement as it is commonly known, is simply a re-allocation of funds that are already disbursed. Ambulance fees allow Montgomery County to reduce operating costs by billing Medicare, Medicaid, and Insurance companies, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL BEING TRANSPORTED.

To learn more, please visit see County Executive Isiah Leggett’s Letter to Residents and take a look at the video below. You may also visit this site to learn even more.

Once again, you will NOT notice any changes in service, increased taxes, or any fees while on board. It is still NOT NECESSARY to present your insurance card while on board an ambulance. Our citizen’s personal safety will always be our top priority.