Annual Family Portrait Fund Drive

Dear Neighbors,

The Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department will begin our annual family portrait fund drive soon. As you know, this is one of our oldest and most successful fundraising activities, with over 90% of the revenue going to equipment and apparatus purchases that will serve the unique needs of our corner of Cabin John, Bethesda, and Potomac.

In addition, I want to highlight that the portrait drive will begin earlier this year than in the past, with the door-to-door solicitors making their rounds in the next few weeks. In addition, we partnered with a new firm to help us organize the fundraiser so we can better serve you and have another successful year too.

As always, please contact the president of our Ladies Auxiliary Mary Morgal at 301-229-4043 if you have any questions or concerns about the portrait drive. Or you can contact the program manager, Ed Williams at 240-675-6582.

Maintaining the highest possible service to you is always our top priority.


Michael D. Harting
Cabin John Park VFD