Balloon Test at Station 30

On February 15th at approximately 8-11 am, the Radio System Infrastructure Project plans to perform a balloon test at Fire Station 30, 9404 Falls Rd., Potomac, MD. Backup dates for the test are February 16th and 17th.

The test involves tethering a special balloon at the Fire Station so that the top of the balloon sits at the same height as a proposed monopole (185’). A monopole is a pole that functions as a radio tower.

Here are some facts about the test: 

  • The balloon is red in color and three feet in diameter. 
  • The purpose of the test is to help stakeholders, including neighbors and Tower Committee members, envision how the monopole will impact the local landscape.
  • The vendor doing the balloon will drive around the vicinity of the Fire Station for about three hours. He will take pictures from different vantage points: near and far from the Fire Station, from north, east, south, and west, from public road locations.
  • Photo simulations will be available for review a week after the test is complete.
  • Alternate dates are needed for the test in case of inclement weather: wind, rain, or snow.