CJPVFD Members Receive Awards At 93rd MCVFRA Convention

President Lee Hunter and Secretary Christina Mage Pictured with MD Representative Chris Van Hollen.
President Lee Hunter and Secretary Christina Mage Pictured with MD Congressman Chris Van Hollen. Photo by Ed Tenney, MCVFRA Photographer.

The Montgomery County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association hosted its 93rd annual convention on Wednesday. The convention brings guests and friends of the Montgomery County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service to celebrate events in the past year and as part of the ceremony, various awards are handed out. This year two Cabin John Park VFD members received much deserved recognition. First, President Lee Hunter, who also serves as the district representative for Cabin John and other neighboring VFDs received this year’s President’s Award. The President’s Award is given by the President of the MCVFRA as recognition for their efforts on the association. MCVFRA President Marcine Goodloe awarded President Hunter for his efforts both representing his district well, but also taking lead on projects for the MCVFRA including working with MCFRS logistics to address MCVFRA comments and concerns.

The other big winner from CJPVFD was Secretary Christina Mage, who was inducted in to the MCVFRA’a Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame members are nominated by their peers for many years of contribution to the improvement of the volunteer fire and rescue service in Montgomery County. Secretary Mage is a life member of CJPVFD who has contributed many hours to CJPVFD and Montgomery Volunteers through the organization of events and a long history of being a volunteer EMT with Cabin John. Secretary Mage also received the distinction of being inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who was inducted by the MCVFRA this year for his ongoing contributions to the fire rescue service, which included the recent awarding of many grants to the MCVFRA and Montgomery County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments.

Congratulations to President Hunter and Secretary Mage!