CJPVFD Open House 2018!

We would like to thank everyone who came out last Sunday (October 21, 2018) to support us for our Annual Open House.  We feel that it is important that the community see that their support is put to good use.  The events this year not only showcased our equipment but also our skills. training, and dedication. We feel it is imperative that we demonstrate what motivates us to be volunteers in our community. The goal of the Cabin John Volunteer Fire Department is two fold; we not only respond to emergencies in our community, we also provide the training and experience to our members that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The minimum age to volunteer with CJPVFD is 16. There is no maximum age…. the most senior member to join our department started at the young age of 72.

Luke Paul demonstrating the proper use of a Fire Hose to a future volunteer.

Greg Bastien and Tayyaba Tareq with Tanker710

Out in front we had the CJPVFD Swiftwater Rescue vehicles, a Bouncy house, and petting zoo.

Luke Paul training kids on the proper use of a fire hose.

A potential volunteer with his father in front of the “Stop the Bleed” training table with Matt Panagos

Scott Stone driving our Brockway Fire Engine

Chief Piccardi, Robert McDonald, Matt Panagos and Joshua Rabinowitz looking on from the left

Patrick Khaghani demonstrating how we use Mechanical Advantage to affect a rope rescue.

It was pretty cold and windy during the morning so many of the demonstrations took place inside the Engine Bay at Station 10.

Aaron Loev and Eli Winston demonstrating the proper deployment and use of an extension ladder.

Joshua Rabinowitz, Kerry Pullano, and Amy Ballard working at the “Dial 911” station


Greg Bastien with Breyer Banfield. Breyer was demonstrating how we don out protective gear.

Aaron Loev explaining to a young firefighter how we use the fire hose

Kerry Pullano and Kevin Wallace demonstrating a splinting technique on Will Zhu.


Luke Paul spent a good bit of time on the Kids Hose Prop.

Breyer donning her protective gear as Isabelle Kim explains each step and Eli Winston looks on.

EMS Training provided by Will Zhu, Kevin Wallace, Kerry Pullano, and Zoe Koplan.

Retrieving the required equipment from Truck 710.

Lukas Bastien acting as the demonstration Safety Officer as we prepare to begin the vehicle extrication demo.

With the rear glass removed, Greg Bastien helps Amy Ballard enter the vehicle through the rear window. Amy will assess the patient, secure here cervical spine, and cover them both with a protective tarp.

Removing the glass from the doors.

Spreading the rear door to expose the components that need to be cut in order to remove the doors.

Patrick Khaghani is using hydraulic sheers to cut the rear door “Nader bolt”

A heavy tarp is used to protect the patient (Breyer Banfield) and the EMT (Amy Ballard)

Greg Bastien is using hydraulic spreaders to expose the rear door hinges so they can be cut.

Satchel Kornfeld and Tayyaba Tareq are waiting for the signal to come retrieve the patient

Patrick Khaghani cutting the front door hinges with hydraulic sheers while Lukas Bastien holds the door. Isabelle Kim (lower left) is providing fire protection with a charged fire hose.

Lukas Bastien is holding the door in place and directing the cut operations.


With the vehicle doors removed it’s time to get the patient out.

Moving the patient from the vehicle to the stretcher

Satchel Kornfeld, Tayyaba Tareq, Amy Ballard, and Greg Bastien moving the patient (Breyer Banfield) to Ambulance 710

Greg and Lukas Bastien, Aaron Loev, Eli Winston and Amy Ballard explaining some of the finer points of vehicle extrication