Fire Alarm Does Its Job

Truck 10 on scene at The Connelly School. Photo by MCFRS PIO Pete Piringer
Truck 10 on scene at The Connelly School. Photo by MCFRS PIO Pete Piringer

In the fire service, one of the most frequent calls is for alarm bells – whether it is a smoke alarm in someone’s kitchen or complex fire protection system at a high-rise building. Station 10 units (and all of Montgomery County rigs, for that matter) are on the road often for a fire alarm activation. In most of the cases, these alarms turn out to be false alarms – food left on the stove too long, or just a malfunction, for example. However, we always treat these calls as emergencies because sometimes the alarms sound for an actual emergency.

Monday evening, Engine 710 and Truck 710 were dispatched for an alarm bells call at The Connelly School. On arrival firefighters found active fire in the building and began to attack the fire. The crews were able to stop the fire from spreading throughout the building, limiting the damage to a small area. With the help of other companies, the fire was contained allowing Fire and Explosives Investigators to find the source of the fire.

School was cancelled the following day, but luckily classes will be able to resume quickly. While there was still damage and loss of property, this incident proves why a working fire protection system is so important. While it might be excessive for most home owners to have a complex alarm system like that in their residence, everyone should have at minimum a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector that they check monthly!

For more information on this incident, see articles from NBC Washington and WUSA9.