Fire and Your Pets

Although the U.S. Fire Administration doesn’t keep an official statistic, industry sources estimate 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year in fires. Most succumb to smoke inhalation. In most states, emergency responders lack the equipment to resuscitate and save pets. That’s why Invisible Fence created Project Breathe™—a pet oxygen mask donation program designed to provide oxygen mask kits to fire departments and other first responders. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large mask; fire departments are eligible to receive one kit per station. So far, the program has saved an estimated 10,000 pets from fires and smoke inhalation. Cabin John Park VFD thanks Invisible Fence for the donation of two Pet Oxygen Mask kits. One kit will be placed on A710 which responds from Station 10 on River Rd and the other kit will be placed on A730 which responds from Station 30 on Falls Rd.