Fundraiser followup from the Chief and President of the Board

We have been investigating the reports from residents of our service area of an apparent fundraising scam and want to share our findings. To our surprise, we have learned that the solicitations on behalf of the Cabin John Park VFD were legitimate. The individual in question was indeed a representative of our fundraising contractor. The reason for our surprise was that we had instructed the contractor to end the campaign on November 30. The contractor, however, elected on his own to extend the fund drive in order to reach more households. That should not have happened, and we apologize. If anyone feels they were treated less than respectfully when asked to donate, we apologize for that as well. The good news is that the funds from those who chose to donate (thank you!) will go to the right place, to benefit your fire department. Cash, and checks made out to CJPVFD or CJPVFDA, will be deposited, as they should be, into the Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department’s account.

You can be sure that we will carefully review our fundraising plans to avoid any misunderstandings in the coming year. Thank you for being patient while we looked into this matter.

Corinne Piccardi, Fire Chief

Michael Harting, President of the Board