Volunteer Staffed Medic 710 Goes In Service!

29672_772724062676_5502475_43333694_1774141_nRecently announced on our Facebook page, Cabin John Park VFD recently improved its service to the community through the use of “Advanced Life Support”. Advanced Life Support requires a specially trained “EMT Paramedic” (All active volunteers are required to be trained as EMT Basics as a minimum) and various specialty equipment and medications that regular “Ambulances” do not carry. When an ambulance has both a Paramedic and all the appropriate equipment on board it is designated as a Medic. Currently at Station 30 in Potomac Village, Medic 730 is in service 24/7/365, but at Station 10 in Cabin John, advanced life support units were previously in service depending on Montgomery County career personnel that were appropriately trained, and these personnel were usually on Engine or Truck 10. With the support of Montgomery County, CJPVFD now has the capability of staffing Ambulance 710 as Medic 710. This additional capability was quickly put to use as Medic 710’s first call was a Cardiac Arrest, a call that requires two advance life support capable units to properly provide care for the patient.

By staffing a unit beyond its minimum requirements, CJPVFD continues to provide supplemental fire and medical protection at no additional cost to our citizens. Volunteers staffing Medic 710 use equipment that already was in place at Station 10, but was only put into use if an MCFRS Paramedic was riding Engine or Truck 10. While, there is no additional burden on tax payers, we will soon be using donations to purchase additional advance life equipment such as a cardiac monitor so that spare equipment will be available so Medic 710 can be in service while at the same time adding advance life support to Engine or Truck 10.

Interested in joining Cabin John Park VFD to serve as a Paramedic yourself? Get more information here! All training and equipment is free.