River Road Extrication

On Saturday Afternoon, February 27th, Ambulance 710 and Engine 710 were dispatched to River Rd and Clewerwall Dr for a personal injury collision with police on the scene. Medic 730, having just left Station 10 after fueling up, arrived on scene less than a minute later. They found two patients, one pinned in their van. Truck 710 and Rescue Squad 741 were then added to the call as extrication pieces, Paramedic Engine 730 was added as an additional Paramedic, and EMS Duty Officer 701, Chief 741, and Battalion Chief 702 were added as command officers. Ambulance 710, with the Paramedic from 30’s Engine, transported the non-pinned patient who had minor injuries. Truck 710 and Rescue Squad 741 quickly extricated the pinned patient, who was transported by Medic 730 with more serious but still non life-threatening injuries.

Video of today's extrication by Truck 710 and Rescue Squad 741

Posted by Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department on Saturday, February 27, 2016