Volunteers Provide Significant Amount of Support at 2011 USGA U.S. Open

2011 US Open LogoDid you know that between the first due areas of station 10 and 30 Cabin John has several different golf courses, including national recognized ones such as Burning Tree, TPC at Avenel Farm and Congressional? The USGA decided several years back that in 2011 the U.S. Open would be held at Congressional Country Club, whose entrance is just feet from Station 10. To put on such an event requires significant amounts of planning and manpower, both of which members of Cabin John stepped up to the plate to provide.

From Chief officers provided command level support, all the way to our newest of volunteers filling the rolls as assistants, many members put in many hours provided emergency services to the golf tournament, which drew spectator levels in the 50,000 area. While we don’t have official totals on number of calls, or numbers of hours volunteered by our members, we can assure the masses that without the support our volunteers provided, the level of care offered could not have been met without high cost to taxpayers and spectators.

While articles and reports on the scale of what happened behind the scenes at the U.S. Open are still forthcoming, it is safe to say that the 2011 U.S. Open was treated as a large scale incident that would have not run as smoothly had it not been for the FEMA-designed Incident Command System. Using this nationally standardized system to operate not only helped in effective operations, it allowed new members to get amazing training for when major incidents do occur and it allowed command level staff to not only refresh their skills, but boost their confidence at operating large scale incidents.

At this time Cabin John would also like to thank the career staff of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service that also filled vital positions at the event, including providing manpower and apparatus that are beyond what Montgomery County volunteers can provide. Speaking of Montgomery County Volunteers, Cabin John would also like to send its “Thanks” to those of all the other Local Fire & Rescue Departments that helped provide manpower and apparatus that helped make the 2011 U.S. Open function smoothly. The amazing relationship between Montgomery County Career and Volunteers also lead to the saving of a life. We look forward to the next major sporting event held in our first due, are ready to step up to the challenge, and considering the amount of golf courses in our first due, ready to watch another couple rounds of golf!