Monthly Archives: May 2015

In less than 24 hours, another first due fire for Co 10

Truck 10 at McDonald Drive Fire. Photo by Trevor James

In less than 24 hours since the fire at The Connelly School, Company 10 has run another first due working fire. This time, crews were alerted to a reported house fire on MacDonald Drive, just up the road from The Connelly School off of Bradley Boulevard. Units arrived on scene and made sure the occupants… read more

Fire Alarm Does Its Job

Truck 10 on scene at The Connelly School. Photo by MCFRS PIO Pete Piringer

In the fire service, one of the most frequent calls is for alarm bells – whether it is a smoke alarm in someone’s kitchen or complex fire protection system at a high-rise building. Station 10 units (and all of Montgomery County rigs, for that matter) are on the road often for a fire alarm activation.… read more