CJPVFD Assists U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps

Recently a representative from the 2nd Battalion, U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps (US-VRC) contacted the Cabin John Park VFD and asked that we provide training for their personnel to enhance their effectiveness when performing their mission. The US-VRC meets monthly to perform drills/training and for the last two months Members of CJPVFD have been there to provide training. Thus far we have provided training in the following areas:

  1. Basic rope rescue and mechanical advantage systems
  2. Flood rescue, water hazards and hydrology

The U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps is a military structured, uniformed, fraternal, and service organization whose membership is comprised of those who have served honorably and steadfastly in, or retired from, the U.S. Armed Forces, State Defense Forces, federal, state, and local governments, and civilians with specialized professional skills, all of whom share a fervent desire to serve their communities and country. The primary mission of the U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps is to utilize the years of service, leadership, skill, talent, and expertise gathered from our veteran core and dedicated civilians, to stand ready to provide competent, supplemental, professional, and technical support to our communities for readiness and response during times of disaster or emergency.

We plan to continue this mutually beneficial relationship with the US-VRC and each month we identify a training topic for the following month. This training not only provides a new disaster/emergency response perspective for VS-VRC personnel, but also presents an opportunity for CJPVFD members to practice, enhance, and showcase their skills.